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Nancy's Dead Relatives

Nancy's Dead Relatives will be taken off-line in the very near future.  Despite my considerable computer phobia, I created this site because of a strong belief that people who possess genealogical information should share it freely - and free of charge - with others.  Although often frustrating and always labor intensive, overall the task has been satisfying, occasionally even fun.  Unfortunately, my software is now considered ancient, and its problems have become insurmountable.  I'm presently unable to publish (upload) any new families and can only edit existing pages in very simple ways.

In the five years of its existence, this site has been visited by more than 180,000 people.  I'd like to thank all those who corrected, added, and contributed in various ways to the site.  And a special thank you to those very kind people who took the time to simply write letters of gratitude.  Such notes were very much appreciated.  

Nancy's Dead Relatives will still exist, of course, on my home computer.  After all, who among us can really give up genealogy cold turkey?  If you wish to contact me in the future, my contact address will be


"History is lived forward but it is written in retrospect.  We know the end before we consider the beginning and we can never wholly recapture what it was to know the beginning only." 

C. V. Wedgewood


Click on any blue surname. 

Andrews Ashford Baker Ballenger Batte
Bishop Brasure Breidenthal Bruner Bush 
Castleman Chase Coffey Darden Denty
Drennan Durrett Elgin Findley Franklin
Gaugh Gooding Guthrie Hale Hamlett
Harding Henderson Henry Hensley James
Johnston Jones 1 Jones 2 Jones 3 Kilgore
Lauderdale Lea Lemonds Leonard Lippincott
Mathis Maulden McPherson Melville Miller
Minter Moore Morse Parker Patterson
Rader Ragsdale Riddle Robertson Shane
Stansbury Toole Vivion Wade Wigglesworth

A word to the wise: Clear your cache frequently so that you'll be able to see updates on sites that you visit often.

If you have  material about, or photos of, any dead relatives included here, can add relevant and well-documented family lines, have corrections and/or comments, or wish to establish a link to or from this site, please contact me at   However, the decision whether or not to include any material and/or links is the webmaster's (mine) alone.

On the other hand, if you're seeking information that does not currently appear on this site, I don't have it.  Please do not ask

Nancy Denty Breidenthal

"She is insane, of course.  The family history has become a mania for her."                     

Hercule Poirot