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Moore: Generation 8

The Children of Louis Henderson Moore & Ida Mae McPherson




Hugh Elliot Moore



18 Feb 1884: Hugh was born in Little Rock, AR.[1] 

In the 1900 Census, the three children were enumerated with mother Ida in St. Louis, MO on June 15; with father Louis in Ozark, AR on June 18.

1901 St. Louis City Directory: "Moore, Hugh E, clk, Ely & Walker D G Co, r 914 n. Grand av".  His father also worked for Ely Walker & Company.

1902 St. Louis City Directory: Hugh E. Moore was listed as a clerk at Ely & Walker DG Company; residing at the Victoria Hotel at 4024 W. Belle Place.  Ida was also living at this address.

3 Oct 1909: Hugh Moore served as best man at the wedding of [brother] Duncan Lewis Moore and Hazel Jones Moore in Newport, AR.  He was reported as residing in Little Rock.

19 Apr 1910 Census, Little Rock, Pulaski County, AR (Big Rock Twp): Hugh Moore age 26, AR AR AR, a dry goods salesman was boarding at 1422 Spring Street.[2]

1913 St. Louis City Directory: "Moore, Hugh E  salesman  1520 Washington av  r 4442 Olive".  The first address was the same as Hugh's father gave that year, presumably the address of Ely Walker Company.  The second was his mother's home address.

1914 St. Louis City Directory: "Moore, Hugh E  salesman  1520 Washington av  r 4442 Olive".

According to Carolyn Moore Denty, Hugh was stationed at Camp Pike in Little Rock during WWI, but he was not listed in Index to Soldier's and Sailor's Discharges 1919-1948.

1916 St. Louis City Directory: "Moore, Hugh E  trav  r 4182D Delmar boul".

1917 St. Louis City Directory: "Moore, Hugh E  trav  r 4182 Delmar boul".

1918 St. Louis City Directory: "Moore, Hugh E.  slsmn  h C4182 Delmar boul".

12 Sep 1918: Registering for the draft at Local Board 23, Hugh Elliot Moore 34, was residing at 4152 Delmar Avenue in St. Louis with his wife [not named] and working for an Aluminum Goods Manufacturing Company located at Manitowoc, Wisconsin.  He listed his birth date as 23 Feb 1884.  He was described as 5'7", 130 lbs, with gray eyes and brown hair, slightly balding.  This certainly agrees with the photos of Hugh taken 10 years earlier in Lake Village, AR. 

1919 St. Louis City Directory: "Moore, Hugh E.  slsmn  Aluminum Goods Mfg Co  h 4182C Delmar boul".

8 Jan 1920 Census, St. Louis, MO (Ward 23): Hugh Moore 37, AR AR AR, employed as a "Commercial Salesman Aluminum", renting one of three units at 4184 Delmar Blvd; wife Lucy age 32, IL IL NY.[3]

1922 St. Louis City Directory: "Moore, Hugh E.  trav Aluminum Goods Mfg Co  hC. 4182 Delmar boul".

26 Jun 1930 Census, Larchmont, Baltimore County, MD: Hugh Moore 45, MD MD MD, an auto salesman renting a home on Gyn Oak Avenue for $8,500 per year; Lucille 41, MD MD MD; nephew Russell Johnson 15, MD MD MD; nephew _______ Johnson 12.[4]  Although this man claims to have been born in Maryland, he is the right age, a salesman with a wife named Lucille who is 4-5 years younger.  In 1942, what would appear to be this same man gave his birth date as 23 Feb 1884 in Little Rock, AR, and he was working for the same company that Hugh had worked for in 1920.

According to his 31 Mar 1931 obituary, Duncan Lewis Moore was survived by mother, brother, and sister.

30 Apr 1940 Census, Baltimore County, MD (Woodlawn-Larchmont-Windsor Terrace): Hugh E. Moore 53, born AR, salesman of kitchen utensils with 4 years of high school, living  at 2304 Birch Drive, also residing there 1 Apr 1935; wife Jennie F. 50, born IL, 6 years of schooling.[4a]    

23 Apr 1942, Hagerstown, Washington County, MD: Hugh Elliot Moore, age 58, registered for the draft, giving his birth date as 23 Feb 1884 in Little Rock, AR, his current address as 2304 Birch Drive, (Larchmont), Baltimore County, MD, and his telephone number as Woodlawn 209.  He was employed as a traveling salesman for Aluminum Goods Manufacturing Company of Manitowac, WI, where his sales territory was MD, VA, DE, and DC.  His wife's name was Jennie Lucille Moore.

5 Apr 1943: In letter written to Louis Henderson Moore, son of [Hugh's uncle] Thomas Madison Moore, stepmother Maud wrote that she did not know the whereabouts of Ethel or Hugh.[5] 

Where and when did Hugh die?






Ethel Moore & Eugene Chabert Perkins



3 Dec 1879: Eugene Perkins, son of Edwin Arthur Perkins and Eliza Jane Dunphy, was born in New York, New York. In the 1880 Census, Eugene C. Perkins, age 6 months, born December 3, was enumerated with his parents Edwin A. age 30, NY VT NY, a silk salesman, and Lizzie age 25, NY Ireland Scotland.  Also in the household was mother-in-law Mary Dunphy 42, Scotland Scotland Scotland.[6]    

Jun 1888: Ethel S. Moore was born in Little Rock, AR.

In the 1900 Census, the three Moore children were enumerated with mother Ida in St. Louis, MO on June 15, but then with father Louis in Ozark, AR on June 18.  Ethel gave her age as 11, born Jun 1888, at her mother's residence, but 13, born Jun 1887, at her father's!

19 Dec 1908: Eugene and Ethel were married in Polk County, Iowa.    

18 Apr 1910 Census, Des Moines, Polk County, IA (Ward 2): Eugene Perkins age 30, NY VT NY,, a commercial traveler in silks married for 2 years; Ethel 22, AR KY LA.  They are renting at 706 15th Street.[7] 

28 Apr 1910 Census, Chicago, Cook County, IL:   Traveling silks salesman Eugene C. Perkins 30, NY VT NY, married 2 years; wife Ethel M. age 22, AR KY LA, married 2 years.  They were residing at the Plaza Hotel on Clark Street.[8]  What is this tendency in 1910 to be enumerated twice?

c. 5 Jun 1916: In Louis Moore's obituary, Ethel was listed among his children as "Mrs E. S. Perkins of Chicago".[9]

1 Jun 1918: When Eugene Chabert Perkins, age 38, born 3 Dec 1879, registered for the draft, he was employed as a salesman for Samuel Eiseman & Company, 114 East 23rd St, New York.  He stated that he was married to Ethel Moore Perkins, that both of them were "visiting" J. S. Kane on Shore Road, Sound Beach, Greenwich, CT, that his permanent residence was Loyola Avenue, Chicago, IL.  Eugene was described as medium height and build, with dark brown hair and blue eyes.

24 Jan 1920 Census, Greenwich, Fairfield County, CT: Salesman Eugene Perkins 40, NY VT NY; Ethel M. 32, AR KY AR; Edward A. 6, IL NY AR.  The family is residing on Shore Road.[10]

9 Apr 1930 Census, Minneapolis, Hennepin County, MN (Ward 13): Eugene P. Perkins 50, NY VT NY, married at age 29, employed as a salesman for a cotton goods company, and not a veteran; Ethel M. age 42, AR AR AR, married at age 21; son Edward (O. or A.) age 16, IL NY AR, an office boy at an automobile company; mother-in-law Ida M. Moore, a widow age 63, AR Scotland, NC.  They are renting an apartment at 3440 Dupont Avenue South.[11]

9 Apr 1940 Census, Minneapolis, Hennepin County, MN (Ward 13): Eugene C. Perkins 60, born NY, a salesman of cotton dresses with 4 years of high school; Ethel 52, born TN; son Edward A. 26, born IL, a salesman of religious habits.  They were residing at 3110 West Calhoun Boulevard, where they had also resided in 1 Apr 1935.[11a]    

In letter written 5 Apr 1943 to Louis Henderson Moore, son of [Ethel's uncle] Thomas Madison Moore, step-grandmother  Maud wrote that she did not know the whereabouts of Ethel or Hugh.[12]

Ethel was residing at 3110 W. Calhoun Blvd. in Minneapolis, when mother Ida died in 1950.[13] 

c. 1967: Ethel died in Muskogee, OK, where son Edward was apparently living.



Children of Ethel Moore and Eugene Chabert:          


Edward Arthur Perkins born (26 Jan or Jun 1913 - May 1986)






Duncan Lewis Moore and 1) Hazel Katherine Jones 2) Mary Rowe



3 Mar 1890: Duncan Lewis Moore was born in Little Rock, AR.[15]  On his tombstone the year of birth is 1888, while his death certificate has 1889.  He claimed to be age 22 on his marriage license and 21 on the 1900 Census.  His obituary erroneously reported his birthplace as Eureka Springs, AR. 

Lewis was reportedly named Louis or Lewis Henderson Moore Junior, and was called thus by the Moores, with the spelling of his name probably derived from his great uncle Lewis T. Ragsdale.  Did his mother actually change his name after his parents divorced?  Lewis supposedly received the nickname "Doc" because he had attended Dental School in Memphis, TN.

In the 1900 Census, the three Moore children were enumerated with their mother Ida in St. Louis, MO on June 15, then with father Louis in Ozark, AR on June 18.  In both instances Louis gave his birth as Mar 1890.

3 Oct 1909: "Duncan L. Moore, age 22" married "Miss Hazel K. Jones, age 18" in the bride's hometown of Newport, Jackson County, AR.  The ceremony was performed by Reverends Pipkin and Galloway in the home of [Hazel's brother] Dr. O. E. Jones "at one of the most beautiful home weddings ever witnessed in this city".  "Hugh Moore [Lewis' brother] of Little Rock" served as best man.  The next morning the new couple left on their bridal trip to visit Ida Moore in St. Louis and "relatives in Iowa", the latter undoubtedly [Lewis' sister] Ethel Perkins, who was living in Des Moines in 1910.[16]  The license was dated 30 Sep, the ceremony performed 3 Oct, and the marriage recorded 7 Oct.  See photo of Duncan and Hazel.

Hazel Katherine Jones, born 6 May 1891 in Newport AR, was the youngest child of Dr. John Miller and Caroline Patterson Jones. Both parents had died in February 1908.  For notes on Hazel, see Hazel Jones

After their marriage Doc and Hazel reportedly moved into 1919 Battery Street in Little Rock, where the groom, "a young man of pleasing address and good reputation", was employed as a traveling salesman for Rose Dental Supply with headquarters in Little Rock.[17]

25 Apr 1910 Census, Lake Village, Chicot County, AR:   Duncan L. Moore, , age 21, AR AR MO, employed as a "con traveler" in tobacco, married one year, "roomer" with "Hazelle" in the household of  Will and [Hazel's sister] Norene Yerger.[18]  "Con" should probably be "com" for "commercial traveler".

But they were apparently enumerated a second time . . .

1910 Census, Little Rock, Pulaski County, AR (Big Rock Township): Duncan Moore, a boarder at 1422 Spring Street, age 22, AR AR AR, married for one year, working as a commercial traveler in tobacco; Hazelle 18, AR TN TN.[19]

13 Jun 1911: In daughter Carolyn Moore Denty's baby book, Hazel wrote that the couple lived at 1810 Scott in Little Rock when she baby was born.  Carolyn's birth announcement had the same address.

14 Jan 1914: Doc and Hazel were granted a divorce in Pulaski County.  Depositions were taken by Plaintiff Hazel Jones Moore, Mrs. Nora Yerger, and Mrs. Hazel Atkinson.[20]

June 1916: His father's obituary stated that "Louis Moore Junior" was residing in Montana![21]

25 May 1917: Duncan Louis Moore registered for the draft in the 1st Ward, Chicago, IL, giving his birth date as 3 Mar 1890 in Little Rock, AR, his age as 27, his occupation as traveling salesman for the Aurora Construction Company in Aurora, IL, but residing at the Hotel Morrison in Chicago.  He declared that he was divorced, the sole support of a mother and a minor daughter, age 6, and claimed exemption from service as that sole support.  He was described as medium build, slender, gray eyes and black hair.

According to his obituary, Lewis Moore served in San Antonio, TX during WWI, although that assertion was contradicted by the 1930 Census.

c. 1917: Doc married Mary Louise Francis, probably in Denton or Dallas, TX.

Mary Francis had been born 13 Apr 1897 in Denton, Denton County, TX, the daughter of William and Martha Elizabeth Melugin Francis.  She was described by her grandson as a person who enjoyed people and had many friends. [22]

After his marriage to Mary Francis, Lewis brought his new wife to Little Rock. Arriving at the Tilghman home he took his young daughter Carolyn downtown by streetcar to meet Mary.  Carolyn didn't see him again until her senior year in high school, when they drove from Little Rock to Pine Bluff together.[23]  Minne Jones Tilghman was Hazel Jones Moore's sister.  She and husband Lacy raised Carolyn.

I've been unable to locate either Lewis and Mary or Dick and Hazel on the 1920 Census.

1925 Worley's Dallas City Directory: D. Lewis Moore (Mary) Salesman, 2611 Wellborn.

1931 Dallas City Directory: Duncan L. Moore (Mary F.)  Pres, Atlas Chemical Corp, 6021 Lindell.

17 Apr 1930 Census, Dallas, Dallas County, TX: D. L. Moore 40, AR AR AR, married at age 27, insurance salesman, and not a veteran; Mary Ann 33, TX KY VA, married at 20; D. Louis Junior 10, TX AR TX.  The family was renting at 6021 Lindell.[24]

Lewis was a Mason and probably an Odd Fellow as well. He was described by his son as "congenial, outgoing".[25]  

30 Mar 1931: Lewis died from "acute indigestion" and "heart lesions" in McAllen, Hidalgo County, TX.  The certifying physician was Dr. J. M. Doss.  In the funeral home record, Doc's age is given as 41 years, 0 months, and 27 days; his profession is described as salesman; his address as 621 Lindale Avenue in Dallas.[26]

The story is that Doc had gone to McAllen to pick up wife Mary who was on a month's visit to her sister.  That afternoon, after having visited the dentist, he was feeling terrible but, not wanting to put a damper on the afternoon as Mary was entertaining guests, he went out and sat in the car.  And there he died.   Yet on the death certificate, the time of death is recorded as 3:15 A.M.  Additional oddities are that the deceased's length of residence in McAllen is listed as seven months, while Mary listed both McAllen and Dallas as her residence.  Throughout, son Lewis was at yet another aunt's house in Dallas.

According to Carolyn Denty, Dr. D. L. Moore researched Duncan's cause of death and concluded that the latter had a defect in his aorta that rendered that muscle vulnerable to infections introduced into the body.  Nowadays, when such a condition is present, penicillin is administered for approximately two weeks before dental work or any invasive procedure is performed.  That morning Doc had had a tooth pulled.  The "heart lesions" found to be the secondary cause of death would have been the inevitable result of massive infection; but would an infection have produced lesions so quickly?  There was no autopsy.

In various clippings kept by the family:


D. L. Moore of Dallas, a former resident of Denton, died suddenly of acute indigestion Sunday night in McAllen, according to word received here Monday by Mrs. W. B. Francis, mother of Mrs. Moore, who was Miss Mary Francis.  The body will reach Denton Tuesday  night at 12 o'clock and funeral services and burial will be here, but definite arrangements have not been announced.

Besides his wife Moore is survived by one child, D. L. Moore Jr.  Moore had gone to McAllen to accompany home Mrs. Moore, who had been visiting the past month with her sister, Mrs. Dick Harris, formerly Miss Helen Francis.  Written at the top was "March 30".



Moore Will Be Buried Wednesday


Funeral services for D. L. Moore, who died suddenly Sunday night while visiting in McAllen, will be held Wednesday afternoon in the Schmitz Funeral Home, conducted by Rev. O. T. Cooper of Sherman, assisted by Rev. W. L. Tuttle, pastor of the First Methodist Church.  Cooper was a former pastor here, and is a long time friend of the family, while occupying pulpits in Denton, in Dallas, McKinney and other North Texas points.  Mrs. M. L. Hutcheson will sing.  Burial will be in the I. O. O. F. cemetery.

Moore is survived by his wife, who was Miss Mary Francis, daughter of Mrs. W. B. Francis, and a son, D. L. Moore Jr.  He is also survived by his mother, a brother and a sister.  His mother, who lives in New York City, is expected here for the funeral.  Moore was 39 years old and was born in Eureka Springs, Ark.  When he was 18 years old his parents moved to New York, and Moore returned to Texas, where he has since lived, about 15 years ago.

At the time of his death Moore was living in Dallas.  About 13 years ago he married Miss Mary Francis, and since that time they have lived part of the time here, and have been visitors here frequently, where they have many friends.  Moore was a member of the Munger Place Methodist Church, Dallas, and was a Mason.  He was in training during the war in San Antonio.  The body, accompanied by his wife and son, is expected here on the train at 12:45 tonight, from Dallas.  Written above the article was "Mch 31st, Denton paper."



Funeral Services for D. L. Moore


Funeral services for D. L. Moore, Dallas, who died suddenly in McAllen Sunday night, were held Wednesday afternoon in the Schmitz Funeral Home, attended by a large number of friends here and from Dallas.  The funeral sermon was preached by Rev. O. T. Cooper of Sherman, a long time friend of the family, and the scripture lesson was read by Rev. W. L. Tittle, pastor of the First Methodist Church.

Pallbearers were Grover Campbell, Ben Ivey, Carroll Garrison, Robert Caldwell, Norwood Parrott and William Gindstaff, both of Dallas.  Honorary pallbearers were Dallas friends of Moore, including R. Cabbell, Fred Prior, Henry Schultz, Warner Marsh, Paul Terry, Jack Wilson, and Paul Bruckner.  Flower bearers were Mmes. Carroll Garrison, Robert Caldwell, Mary Simpson, R. W. Bass, Walker Jagoe, Oron Bell, Misses Ernal Smith and Margaret Smith.  Burial was in the I. O. O. F. cemetery . . .

Relatives here were Mrs. D. L. Moore Sr. of New York City, Mr. and Mrs. Tim Kirby, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Francis, Mrs. J. M. Inge and son, Jim Inge, and Marvin Francis, all of Dallas; Mrs. Ilean Hatcher and Howard Hatcher, Fort Worth; and Mr. and Mrs. C. I. Francis, Wichita Falls.

Others from Dallas included . . .  Written at the top was "April 2nd, Denton, Texas".


Doc's grave, in the I.O.O.F. Cemetery, Sec. F, Lot 19, carries a military marker.  The plot belonged to the Francis family, five of whom are also buried there.[27]

Mary Louis Francis Moore eventually remarried, her second husband being named Homer Rowe.  Mary Rowe died on 12 Sep 1967 and was buried next to Lewis in the family plot at I.O.O.F. Cemetery.



Children of Duncan Lewis and Hazel Jones Moore:


Nancy Carolyn Moore (13 Jun 1911 - 14 Mar 2005; m. Samuel Johnston Denty 12 Nov 1934)     The Ancestry of Nancy Carolyn Moore





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Nancy Denty Breidenthal



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Any information is only as reliable as its source.  Evaluate the following accordingly.

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