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Ragsdale: Generation 5

Some Children of William Ragsdale & Ann Parker




Rebecca Ragsdale & Thomas Yates


Evelyn Yates Carpenter has written two books dealing with this family: Thomas Kilgore, Sr. 1712-1822, and his Proven Descendants to 1991 (Nashville, TN: Lithographics, Inc, 1991) and John Yates (1712-1779) and his Descendants to 1989 (Clarksville, TN: Jostens Printing, 1989).  When I obtained a copy of the first book in 1994, Evelyn's address was P.O. Box 1356, Bowling Green, KY.


1752: Thomas Yates was born in Bedford County, VA, the son of John Yates and Elizabeth Kilgore.  Whose daughter was Elizabeth?

1 Nov 1758: Rebecca Ragsdale was born in Virginia. 

Oct 1776: Enlisting as a Private in Hillsborough District, Orange County, NC, Thomas was promoted to Ensign during the war.  He was granted a pension in his old age; and after 1836, Rebecca drew a widow's pension.

22 Dec 1776: Rebecca and Thomas were married in Orange County, NC by Rev. Hugh McAden, Presbyterian minister. 

1777: Thomas took the oath of allegiance to the revolutionary cause in Caswell County.

13 Aug 1778: He purchased 250 acres on the north side of Country Line Creek and Hico Creek in Caswell County, which had been formed from Orange County the previous year.  There are two Hyco Creeks, one in Rockingham and one in Caswell.

c. 1792: Thomas and Rebecca moved to Robertson County, TN, where younger brother James Yates had settled as early as 1784.  James married Lydia Kilgore, daughter of Thomas and Lydia Kilgore, in Robertson on 21 Jul 1784.  Thomas and Rebecca  settled near Cross Plains.  The Kilgores, Ragsdales, and Yates lived close to each other in Caswell County.  Thomas Kilgore, a long hunter, was the first to enter the area that would become Davidson and Robertson Counties, TN.

Oct 1796: He served as a petit juror in the first county court held in Robertson County.

8 Jan 1818: William Ragsdale deeded 165 1/2 acres to Rebecca and Thomas.

1820 Census, Springfield, Robertson County, TN: Thomas Yates was enumerated with 1 male over 45; 1 female over 45; 4 slaves.[1]

1830 Census, Robertson County, TN: Thomas Yates had a household consisting of 3 males 5-10, 2 10-15, 1 20-30, 1 30-40, 1 70-80; 1 female 10-15, 1 40-50, 1 80-90; 6 slaves.[2]  They were listed next to [son] Lewis Yates and close to [sons] John, William, and Charles Yates.

10 Oct 1833: He deeded 116 acres to the children of deceased son Lewis Yates.

15 Mar 1834: Thomas died in Robertson County.  After his death Rebecca lived with [daughter and son-in-law] Henrietta and Wesley Crabtree, who were probably already residing in the Yates home in 1830.

Nov 1844: Rebecca died in Robertson County.  Both she and Thomas are believed to have been buried in Randolph Cemetery, which is located on land once owned by the Yates.



Children of Rebecca Ragsdale and Thomas Yates:


Eleanor "Nellie" Yates (c. 1777 - c. 1842; m. Richard Freeman 10 Apr 1794)

Sarah Yates (c. 1779 -     ; m. John Leaper c. 1797)

Nancy Yates (c. 1781 - c. 1875; m. Theophilus Morgan)

William Yates (c. 1785 - 13 Oct 1848; m. 1st Patience Wyatt, m. 2nd Mary "Polly" Isbell* 13 Sep 1806)

John Charles Yates (c. 1786 - 1878; m. Agnes Isbell* 1819)

James Yates (20 Mar 1787 - 6 Aug 1861; m. Elizabeth Ragsdale c. 1815)

Rebecca Yates (c. 1792 - 1 Aug 1866; m. Thomas Daniel Isbell* c. 1815)

18 Sep 1850 Census, Newton County, MO (Van Buren Township): Farmer Thomas D. Isbell, born VA, with property valued at $1,500; Rebecca 58, born TN; farmer William 20, born TN.

Henrietta Yates (c. 1795 - 31 Oct 1852; m. Wesley Crabtree c. 1814)

Lewis Yates (29 May 1796 - 29 May 1868; m. Dorothy Adams 6 Dec 1818)

Thomas Yates (21 Mar 1798 - 12 Dec 1855; m. Avis Totelo Griffin c. 1819)


*Mary, Agnes, and Thomas Isbell were the children of George and Mary Isbell.  Their mother Mary Daniel Isbell married Rebecca's father William Ragsdale on 4 Feb 1812.




William Ragsdale & Fanny Moore Hamlett


Because William and his father lived in the same counties, it's often hard to discover which is which unless identified as Junior or Senior.  Before 1824, some of the entries below may refer to William Senior.


14 Oct 1783: He was bondsman for the marriage of [brother] John Ragsdale and Nancy Douglass in Caswell County, NC.[3]

27 Jan 1784: He was bondsman for the marriage of Daniel Merritt and Nancy Duncan.

2 Oct 1788: William married Fanny Moore Hamlett, daughter of James Hamlett and Fanny Moore with Robert Moore as bondsman, H. Haralson as witness.[4] 

15 Dec 1788: William Ragsdale Junior and Thomas Tarpley witnessed a bond from [brother] John Ragsdale to William Ragsdale Senior.[5]  The bond waived any right to the estate of William Senior in return for land already received.

Aug 1789: William [or his father] was among the buyers at the estate sale of Thomas Harrison, deceased.

1790: He was listed as a taxpayer in Caswell County, as was his father William, John, and a Montgomery Ragsdale.  Who was Montgomery Ragsdale?

20 Mar 1802: He purchased 100 acres on the north side of the Red River in Robertson County, TN from [brother-in-law] Thomas Yates for $200.  Described as lying on the north side of Yates' survey, it was proved in April by William himself.[6]

18 and 20 Oct 1803: He served on juries in Robertson County.[7]  He also was paid for 5 days attendance as a witness in State versus Enoch Holman.  In the case of Adam Shepherd versus David Smith on 18 Oct, William's fellow jury members included James Yates and Thomas Kilgore.

19 Oct 1803: William Ragsdale and Patrick Patterson sued each other for assault and battery.  Patterson confessed, was fined $175, and dismissed his suit against William.  Both agreed to divide the sheriff's, attorney, and court fees equally.[8] 

May 1804: A bill of sale from William Ragsdale to Thomas Yates was proved by witness William B. Vinson and recorded in court.[9]

6 Nov 1804: William Ragsdale was assigned to work on the road from Springfield to the state line near Thomas Travers, "far fork of Red River".  He was also on the road crew for the same road on 6 Aug 1805.[10]  I'm assuming this was William Junior.

4 November 1805: State versus William Ragsdale.  John Siglar, posting a $50 bond,  was both prosecutor and witness against William, but the charges weren't stated in the abstract.[11]  Two days later, it was State versus John Siglar, with William paying a bond of $100 to guarantee his appearance on behalf of the State.

7 Jul 1817: He received patent #10303 from the State of Tennessee for 50 acres in District 1, Robertson County, on the north side of the Red River near Wild Cat Hollow, adjoining Joel Moore and Stallion.  The original North Carolina Warrant for William was dated 24 Nov 1797, entered 14 Jan 1811, and surveyed 17 Jul 1812.[12] 

10 Apr 1818: As assignee of William Little, he he received Certificate #11405 for 100 acres in Robertson County's First District.  Located on the waters of the Red River, the tract adjoined Thomas Yeats, Williams, and Ragsdale's own line.[14]

16 Nov 1819: The will of Augustine Cook mentioned "the use of a negro boy Jas which I have on a mortgage from William Ragsdale".[15] 

1820 Census, Robertson County, TN: 1 male over 45; 1 female over 45; 4 slaves.      

13 Jan 1830: He bought 400 acres on Blue Creek in Humphreys County for $1,000 from William B. Ament.  Formerly owned by Dawsey P. and John Hudson, the parcel was described as adjoining James Moore, Blue Creek, Dawsey, Edward, and John Hudson.  Witnesses: James Yeats and J. S. Allen.[16] 

8 May 1830: William made a deed of gift of 300 acres to "beloved sons" William and Thomas Ragsdale for "natural [love] and affection".  The land consisted of the whole of William's tract on the north side of Blue Creek, plus part of 400 acres conveyed to William by William Ament.  The latter section bordered Blue Creek and the Widows Dorris, Lacey [or Lucas], and Hudson. Witnesses: William McCasland, Thomas Hart, and James Yeats.[17]

20 Nov 1833: A deed from son Thomas D. Ragsdale to David A. Massey mentioned a 300 acre tract conveyed to Thomas and William by William Ragsdale, "deceased".



Children of William and Fanny Moore Hamlett Ragsdale:


William Ragsdale (c. 1798 -     ; m. 1st Sarah, m. 2nd Sophia Compton Cross 28 Dec 1871)

Thomas D. Ragsdale (8 Nov 1803 - c. 1878; m. Mary Ann Kilgore 2 Oct 1825)





Lewis Ragsdale & Sarah Isbell


12 Sep 1769: Lewis was born in Virginia.

19 Jan 1776: Sarah "Sally" Isbell was born in Halifax County, VA. the daughter of George and Mary Daniel Isbell.  Mother Mary later became the second wife of William Ragsdale Senior.

29 Dec 1796: Lewis and Sally were married.

26 Dec 1797: Lewis Ragsdale of Halifax County sold 102 acres on Randolph's Branch of Country Line Creek in Caswell County adjoining William Moore, James Randolph Junior and James Randolph, deceased, to Thomas Reed.  Witnesses: Ad Murphey, John Dobbin, and [brother] Peter Ragsdale.[18]

c. 1814: Lewis was excused from paying a levy on a blind slave woman in Logan County, KY.[19] 

1820 Census, Russellville, Logan County, KY: 5 males under 10, 2 16-26, 1 over 45; 1 female under 10, 1 10-16, 2 16-26, 1 26-45; 8 slaves.[20]  A Stephen Ragsdale, age 16-26, was also residing in Logan County.

9 Mar 1830: Sally Isbell Ragsdale died in Logan County.[21]

1830 Census, Russellville, Logan County, KY: The Lewis Ragsdale household consisted of 2 males 10-15, 2 15-20, 1 60-69; 1 female under 5, 1 20-29.[22]

1840 Census, Logan County, KY: Lewis was listed with 1 male 70-80; 1 female 15-20, 1 40-50; 15 slaves.[23]

According to Evadine Parker, Lewis separated from second wife Nancy Foster two years after the marriage.  He made a deed of trust to three of her male relatives, which ceded any rights to property belonging to Nancy before the marriage and declaring that "she had left my bed and board".[24]  Was she the 40-50 year old female in the above census?

4 Mar 1845: Lewis died in Logan County.



Children[25] of Lewis and Sarah Isbell Ragsdale:


George Isbell Ragsdale (19 Nov 1797 -     )

James Ragsdale (20 May 1799 -     )

Nancy Daniel Ragsdale (3 Mar or Aug 1800 - 5 Sep 1872; m. Perry Barker 12 Sep 1820)

Polly Parker Ragsdale (21 Jun 1802 -     )

Sally Isbell Ragsdale (21 Jan 1804 -     )

Joel R. Ragsdale (4 May 1806 - 4 Jul 1883; m. 1st Verlinda Wisdom, m. 2nd Jain/Jane Alred 24 Dec 1824)

1840 Census, Logan County, KY: 2 males 5-10, 1 30-40; 2 females under 5, 1 5-10, 1 10-15, 1 30-40.

Joel died in Polk County, MO.

Agatha Ragsdale (5 Apr 1807/09 -     )

William Parker Ragsdale (9 Jan 1811 -     )

Burrell W. Ragsdale (1799 -     ; m. Olivia ______)

1830 Census, Russellville, Logan County, KY: 1 male 5-10, 1 20-30; 2 females under 5, 1 5-10, 1 20-30.[26]  Close by was Daniel Ragsdale with 1 male 15-20, 1 20-30; 1 female 20-30.  Who was this Daniel?

1840 Census, Logan County, KY: 2 males under 5, 2 5-10, 1 10-15, 2 15-20, 1 40-50; 1 female 5-10, 10-15, 1 15-20, 1 20-30.

4 Sep 1850 Census, Logan County, KY (District 2): Farmer Burrel Ragsdale 51, born KY, with property valued at $1,748; Olivia 38, born TN; Alfred 8; Olivia 7; Richard 3; Eliza 1.  All the children were born in KY.[27]

3 Jul 1860 Census, Keysburg, Logan County, KY: (District 2): Farmer Burrell Ragsdale 60, born KY; Olivia 47, born KY.  The census page was very faint but the children looked like: Alfred __, Olivia 15, Rich H. 13; male M. G. male W. H.[28] 

Lewis Ragsdale (8 Feb 1813 -     )

1840 Census, Logan County, KY: Louis Ragsdale had 2 males under 5, 20-30; 1 female 20-30.

John D. Ragsdale (21 May 1814 -     )

Joshua Ragsdale (8 Aug 1816 -     )

Stephen Daniel Ragsdale (29 Apr 1818 -     )

Wyatt Ragsdale (8 Feb 1822)


A Stephen Ragsdale, born 1788 in VA, resided in Logan County, District 2.  In 1840, his household consisted of 2 males 10-15, 1 20-30, 1 40-50.  Yet on 2 Oct 1850 he was listed as age 62, born VA, a house carpenter with property worth $100; Nancy 59, born VA; farmer Hamilton 28, born KY; Vianna 32; Emily 24; and Mary 18.[29]  Who was this Stephen?





If you have material about any individuals included in Nancy's Dead Relatives, can add well-documented family lines, have corrections and/or comments, or wish to establish a link to or from this site, please contact me at nancy@nancysdeadrelatives.com.  However, the decision whether or not to include any submitted material is the webmaster's (mine) alone. 

Nancy Denty Breidenthal




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